User Testing

Usability, most simply put, is evaluating a product by testing it on people. You can't accurately understand or predict how people will experience and interact with your brand, website, application, game,  product, etc. You can't base every decision on back-end data and analytics; you have to systematically uncover WHY people are doing what they're doing


This is why usability testing needs to be an integral part of your strategy. Solve your users' problems by tossing out assumptions and building what works best.


We appraise each user interface/experience using the following 5 quality components:

  1. Appearance & Design
  2. Ease of Learning
  3. Comprehension & Efficiency 
  4. Consistency & Recall 
  5. Satisfaction & Enjoyment

Online/Remote User Testing


Side Smirk utilizes an online solution to conduct professionally moderated one-on-one usability interviews wherever the user is located. The shared/split-screen software provides face-to-face interaction with respondents with the ability to share desktops for real-time observation and collaboration. 


Features include:

  • Conduct as one-on-one interviews or host up to 6 people simultaneously from any location
  • Records participant's computer screen, as well as their facial expressions
  • Unlimited "backroom" viewers (not visible to participants)
  • Live chat for remote observers
  • Content sharing from the moderator's computer
  • Whiteboard with marker tools
  • Mini polls
  • Incorporate clickstream analysis and heatmaps
  • Respondent preparation and technical support  


Take advantage of our 5 for 5 remote usability testing:

  • 5 people, 1 day, $5,000


Website/App Development Package:

  • 3, 5 person tests, $13,500


Contact us for more pricing options.

In-Room User Testing


Want to see up close and personal how people use your website, app, device, video game, instruction manual, etc? Want to essemble your team of developers and marketers to watch testing in action?


In-room testing is great for these cases and can allow you test and make changes in real time. We can also put together a video highlight reel to share with executives and use for pitch meetings. 


Features include:

  • Real-time in-person testing
  • Central geographic locations for targeted segments
  • Essemble key stakeholders in one room to observe and provide feedback 
  • Eye-tracking and heatmap technology available
  • Picture-in-picture screen recording

Mobile User Testing


Wondering how your website or app will perform on the latest mobile device? We hope so! Participants are led through task-based exercises and follow-up questions which help you uncover how the user experience might differ on a mobile device as compared to a desktop/laptop experience. 


"US consumers will spend $37.44 billion in 2013 on retail purchases made via smartphones and tablets, up from $23.72 billion last year, according to a new eMarketer report..."  Want to be a part of the $37.44 billion spent this year? Make sure your mobile website or app is 100% user-friendly by testing today. 


Features include:

  • Fast access to targeted participants
  • Clickstream analysis
  • Heatmaps
  • Real-time reporting
  • Video playback
  • Quick turn-around projects